Andy Matlow

Version 2
AndyMatlow - Leaning stacked pot w
AndyMatlow - Bowl
AndyMatlow - Fish platter

6" tall x 14" long, cone 10 reduction fired, wavv vase series

AndyMatlow - Small vase

10" tall, cone 10 wood fired, snail series

AndyMatlow - Climbing on an egg
AndyMatlow - Water urn 1
Water Jug
AndyMatlow - Wiggle stack
AndyMatlow - Globe
AndyMatlow - Stacked pot detail
AndyMatlow - The Dog Handler
Version 2 thumbnail
AndyMatlow - Leaning stacked pot w thumbnail
AndyMatlow - Bowl thumbnail
AndyMatlow - Fish platter thumbnail
IMGP9996.JPG thumbnail
AndyMatlow - Small vase thumbnail
IMGP9972.JPG thumbnail
IMGP1083.JPG thumbnail
AndyMatlow - Climbing on an egg thumbnail
AndyMatlow - Water urn 1 thumbnail
Water Jug thumbnail
AndyMatlow - Wiggle stack thumbnail
AndyMatlow - Globe thumbnail
AndyMatlow - Stacked pot detail thumbnail
AndyMatlow - The Dog Handler thumbnail
Number on the studio tour: 15
Sculptural and Functional Ceramics
10 Way Road
Gloucester, MA

Email Andy Matlow

I have been a Trompe L’oeil artist for most of my professional life. During the 70’s 80’s I painted public and commissioned private murals. After that, along with my wife, we designed and built new homes that looked as if they were over 100 years old. Now, with clay, I like my pieces to have a timeless feel as if they were an unearthed artifact or something made from materials other than clay.

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