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Frog Band

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Gene Kelly

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Fred Astaire

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Number on the studio tour: 4
Sculpture, Jewelry
16 Mussel Point Way
Gloucester, MA

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Octopods, birds, fish and frogs continue to frequent Bart’s seaside studio. Recently there has even been a horse. You never know who or what will appear but you can be sure it will delight and amuse.

Bart is a natural recycler (scavenger). He can’t resist the challenge of converting what others might consider throwing away, into something useful and attractive. His work includes pieces in wood, soapstone and recycled Styrofoam washed up from the ocean. When he replaced the windows in his stepdaughter’s bedroom, he was left with some old copper flashing and his work took a new turn.

His copper and bronze sculptures include flowers, fish and birds, pontificating owls and fanciful kitchen accessories. All of Bart’s work reflects both his interest in movement and his whimsical sense of humor. Particular favorites are the intricate fountains he designs for both inside the home and for the garden. They include frogs showering and surfing on lily pads and singing in the rain; dragons spouting water and showered by bats; sea horses swimming through the reeds and cascading flowers. Most recently he has added copper, bronze and silver jewelry to his collection.

“I am driven by wonder, fascinated by the idea that you can turn a flat piece of metal into a three-dimensional object that expresses emotion, movement and humor. I am also motivated by curiosity. Some of my most satisfying work is the by-product of my interest in the process and the discovery of how things work.”

Please stop by and enjoy. Open by appointment, year round.


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