Marcie Rae

Number on the studio tour: 2
101 Hesperus Avenue
Gloucester, MA

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Marcie Rae’s jewelry and small wall pieces of glass enamel and fine silver use ancient and contemporary techniques/tools to transform metal into evocative forms and images.

Silver, gold, copper; gems and stones; glass enamel;   these are hard, unyielding, rigid, and intractable materials.   Yet metal can reveal a pliable and malleable nature when the artist’s hand demands it with any of the many tools – such as a torch, a hammer, or a 20 ton hydraulic press – that require it to bend to the maker’s intent.

Glass (in the form of powdered enamel) in a high fire kiln flows just as a liquid does.   When high fired layer upon layer, Marcia Rae’s use of glass enamel plays with color and reflective light, and can create subtlety and evanescence reminiscent of watercolors.

The transformation, forged by tools, takes place by opening vistas in the viewer’s imagination.  The imagery of her work opens the viewer to unexpected responses that often surprise the artist as well.   Her work has a resonance that often opens connections into the viewers’ own memories, allusions to their own experiences, references to other eras, to nature, and to the rhythm and harmonies of music.


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