From the Studio 2015: Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco

Ganim-DeFalco-FTS-jewelryInspiration from a fellow Artisan! My summer “time” in the studio.

There’s nothing like an artistic challenge from a fellow artist to get the creative juices flowing.   With a fall full of tying up loose ends for the seARTS event, Celebrate Wearable Art III (of which I am chair), it was imperative that I found some time to wear my artist hat and create something new over the summer. Thanks to the collaboration with Camilla MacFadyen for her “summer” look for the runway show, I stared out the window of my studio into my garden, looked at my tray of small pieces of glass, and thought long and hard about what might possibly show up on a runway? This by far is the biggest challenge for the Celebrate Wearable Art show – to make a statement piece that can be seen from far away.


The result is a theme piece called “The Rains of Summer; Tears of Joy.” This thought directly aligned with the first “rain” that hit my garden and the shape of a raindrop and a tear-drop – both of which are soothing in their own special way! The piece is actually a series of five tear-drop shaped pendants uniquely tied together in one piece to fully cover the neckline of the model below the neckline.   After the show, this piece can be taken apart with each piece of it, its own pendant unless of course, it sells as one piece.   Along with this, earrings that mimic the pair I made for the 2011 runway show that often get significant attention when I wear them – long and slender with one large bead or pear at the end – inspiring a “runway collection” of similarly constructed earrings! Since I cannot reveal the pieces until after September 27th, I can only tease you with the pieces that I mention here that were the precedents to the final product and of course, the garden that I look at from my studio! I look forward to sharing more new work in September and October 10-12 at our Cape Ann Artisans Open Studios!

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