From the Studio 2017: Camilla MacFadyen

My studio has been a welcome sanctuary from the unsettled world this winter. Like a pocket I can climb into, a suspended animation where time slows and my singular focus is chasing where the medium takes me. I have been pattern making for new dresses, a coat and a Japanese inspired tunic. I am combining solid and transparent fabrics; printed silk organza, linen and hemp, and using appliqué and embroidery to finish the pieces.

I have been studying the work of the Ernst Haeckel, the 19th century biologist who drew incredibly beautiful renderings of microscopic, single cell organisms he found in sea water.

I am practicing my embroidery skills, sewing these images onto silk and hopefully incorporating them into the natural printed imagery from my seaweed plates.

I have made many new silk screen designs this winter with themes of chickens, sea creatures, Babson Boulders, and social justice. I will be printing these on tea towels and t-shirts.

Finally, I am working on a design for my studio space for the upcoming studio tour. This June my theme will be “Follow your path”. I will transform my studio using my textiles to create a larger piece of environmental art, and invite the viewer to journey through my work.

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