From the Studio Fall 2017: Cynthia Curtis

Story Telling

I noticed something very special during the last Cape Ann Artisans Studio Tour
Our amazing event is very much about stories
Stories from the talented artisans about how we got here
Stories from our fascinating and enthusiastic visitors
About their lives and how they found our studios
A purchase of local art becomes an experience
A story
A new relationship

My new “story” of work includes a vast array of Sea Fossil pieces
One has transforming twenty five pounds of clay with the help of the wheel
Into a large platter
So much fun imprinting it with all my beach treasures
In a mandala-like pattern
Soon to be painted with an eggshell glaze
Thinned out in areas exposing brown clay and texture


The Studio Tour is such a joyful occasion for me
A combination of hard work and validation
All part of the therapeutic value of working with clay

Incredible and practiced students graciously donate time
Demonstrating their skills all weekend
Wheel throwing, trimming, hand-building, glazing

Students become the experts
Mesmerized visitors ask great questions
We’re happy to share our thoughts
About the challenging yet rewarding process

We have a few timeless mottos…
Progress, not perfection
Do whatever brings you joy
It’s more about the process than the end product
Remember to breathe…and laugh
Wabi Sabi (the art of imperfection)
And one of the best phrases in the all the years I have been doing this
So incredibly obvious and very forgiving…
“Hand Made”
Hope to see you!

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