Artisans with Media: jewelry

Marcie Rae

Marcie Rae’s jewelry and small wall pieces of glass enamel and fine silver use ancient and contemporary techniques/tools to transform metal into evocative forms and images.
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Beth Williams

Through the iron gate and charming flower-filled brick courtyard … discover this jewel of a glass studio tucked away immersed in a kaleidoscope of color ...
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Bart Stuyf

Octopods, birds, fish and frogs continue to frequent Bart's seaside studio. Recently there has even been a horse. You never know who or what will appear...
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Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco

As an artisan and collector of sea glass, my interest is to create distinctive, functional wearable art that celebrates the natural characteristics of the materials, reflects...
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Judith Wright

In Judith’s studio by the ocean you will find paintings and colorful, timeless jewelry, as well as tables, birdbaths, and other items enhanced by rich mosaic design.
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