Artisans with Media: mixed media

Deborah Gonet

Working with a variety of mediums in her Lanesville studio Deborah creates contemporary paintings rich in texture and color. The simplicity of each image is supported by the translucency and depth created by the application of multiple layers of encaustic.
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Camilla MacFadyen

I thrive on working in a wide range of mediums. I print seaweed colograph silk scarves and clothing, textile landscape panels, hand silkscreened t-shirts ...
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Sinikka Nogelo

Working in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, Sinikka creates contemporary works of sea and sky in her studio on Gloucester’s working waterfront ...
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Bond Street Studio

David Piemonte & Terry Del Percio-Piemonte: Terry’s painting has evolved into a more expressionistic and contemporary style. David has been busy creating his photographic “Dreamscape Series”...
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